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Misfortune Ends In Fuck. All of a sudden someone is at the door. Who can it be? It turns out, a hot ebony chick it is – who had her car parked outside the day before. But that car is now gone for good.. She wonders what could have happened? The guy, who opened the door immediately recalls a towtruck earlier today… Not lamenting on this for too long, she quickly notices what a big home that guy lives in. Something is odd – is that a studio? Are you shooting here – she poses these questions. You can notice in her eyes and body language how now she is aroused a bit. Probably she sees some opportunity here!. But more on that later… The important for now is the car! How to solve that situation? The guy asks: “Do you need help?” She replies positively, she does need help. She repetedly mentions, how she. has no money, implicating that maybe the guy can give her some money… He offered her a modelling job, and a business card – maybe things sink in in a bit, and they can work together. She looks VERY hot afterall, so she can be perfect for some “modelling” work.. Some days later, our guy brings out the trash real quck, when this ebony girl appears again. She shares that she was checking out the site he gave info about, and she wants to work with him. That’s shocking, but very good news!. 😉 A confident girl like she (as she KNOWS that she is hot) is what we like.. Her approach is very unusual. She comes very prepared. Educated herself about the requirements of shooting, with what you need to come with, and basically ready to go as is. We love such prepared girls, because with cases like hers, we can get to business very fast!. The scene itself starts with an introduction. She can not decide wheter she is nervous or excited. She probably more excited than nervous doing this. We learn, that she is an Arizona girl, 19 years. old. We also got to know, that she loves deepthroats. Also prefers rough sex, and being “well done” lol.. Finshing off talking, finally some clothes gets removed. The moment we have been waiting for! That round perfect butt gets revealed. Shortly the top goes off as well. Small tits paired with a meaty big. pussy. These long, fit legs are perfectly shaved, along with all the other parts of her body. Her curly hair falls down just until it touches her shoulders. Those perfect white teeth are really magnetizing the look. We are all eager to see what this body can produce in porn terms.. She starts of to finger a bit herself, which eventually reveals the pink flesh inside that pussy. It is so in contrast with other parts of her body! The wonderwand next to her is not there by accident… She. starts to use it on her clit, and we can start hearing some moans. Definetely a turn on!. All her down parts got wet really quick, and she is now ready to accept one or two fingers from our guy… But real quick his dick comes out – and lands in her mouth. She is a blowjob queen for sure,. since she is working that cock really well! You can easily say, she is a pro.. Working that cock made both the cock huge and moist, so a doggystyle entry for starters is due. POV style entry it is, and it goes in deep from starters!. Finsihing off doggystyle, she lands on her back and start to enjoy some missionary position. But first, a little pussy play with that dick. That pussy really looks yummy and meaty! Lucky guy he is.. For maximum pleasure, she also uses the dildo on her clit – warmed up earlier.. There is a good variation of close up / POV style and full body views in the scene. No detail remain unnoticed! Switching into cowgirl, our all time favourite. This way she is in most of the control, and she can really enjoy herself. The tempo is high, no wonder our guy is very close to blow… Coming up next is reverse cowgirl. She is banged more and harder being in that position. No loss of pace still. She asked for rought, and hard fuck, right?. Finishing off with layed down doggystyle, which is most of ours favorite. Having a dick squeezed like that, and after such hard fucking that seemingly tight pussy, a gigantic ejaculation is imminent.. The jizz lands a little bit inside her pussy, but mostly on her back and ass region.. Both being very satisfied, as this was a really nice session of sex for everyone. Both the good part is – we also been able to enjoy it with them. .. Happy fapping everyone!.

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