Batman: Enslaved Crusader

Batman: Enslaved Crusader

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Batman: Enslaved Crusader
Batman, Poison Ivy, Catwoman & Joker Parody: In the last episode, Joker & Ivy captured Batman then walked in on Catwoman trying to free him. They captured Catwoman too, tied her up, and pleasured her until she agreed to join their team.

In this episode, Catwoman & Joker watch as Ivy blows pheromones into Batman’s face, making him more pliable. He sways, int.0x.icated by Ivy’s plant spell. Joker tells Catwoman to give him a blowjob, and since he’s under the influence of Ivy’s pheromones he can’t resist. Catwoman obviously likes Batman’s cock; she laps & slurps it. Once he begins to realize how weak his is now, they untie him. Joker decides it’s time to weaken Batman further & rides his cock. Batman begs her: “Please just k.1.ll me now.” Joker replies, “I’m not going to k.1.ll you, I’m just going to fuck you really really hard.” Ivy taunts Batman: “You made us what we are, but you should have stayed out of our way.”

Ivy says it’s her turn on the bat cock. “You’re lucky I didn’t wear my poison lipstick today.” Then she decides she’s tired of Batman being so passive. She’s likes her men to be energetic during sex, so she pours a vial of concentrated pheromones into Batman’s mouth. He struggles then exclaims, “Something strange is happening to me. I need to fuck!” He grabs Catwoman & fucks her hard while her giant tits flop wildly. Then he grabs Joker & does her doggystyle. Ivy loves this new version of Batman, a slave to his desires.

Ivy gets a little jealous that they’re hogging all the bat cock, and she pushes Joker off Batman. “It was MY potion!” she says & rides his dick hard. “Batman has to keep his promises. He always has. So if you ladies could make him promise one thing, what would it be? Now is the perfect time.” They have him right where they want him, all three villains get what they want, and now it’s time for Batman to get what he wants. Ivy cheers on Joker & Catwoman as they give him a sloppy blowjob & make him cum hard. Now he’s practically their slave

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Batman: Enslaved Crusader

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