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Bathtime Masturbator

In this video, we are going to see the usual routine of the sexy, luscious babe Shalina Devine. Most

of the girls love to pleasure themselves but Shalina loves to do it as romantic as possible.

Whenever she is alone in her house she always does this naughty stuff before taking a bath. This

chick is always horny and doing it before bath time makes it a valid reason to play her pussy first

and get her orgasms.

Shalina Devine is popular on her hardcore videos but her solo ones like this are also worth to

watch. She told us she can express herself pleasuring herself. This woman can also give us a

glimpse of what she really does in real life. She is never ashamed admitting that in fact, she is proud

of it. It is something for her fans and her followers to imagine. Imagine a hot babe like Shalina

Devine working on her pussy by herself in the comfort room? That is every guys dream!

She is wearing her yellow bra and panties. She doesnt want to waste any time and go straight

removing them both as she dips into the bathtub all naked. Watch in front of your very eyes her

sexy naked body getting wet. Her big titties, as well as her long legs and her pussy, are all soaked

in the water. Shalina Devine uses her hands as she goes straight touching and fondling her lovely

cunt in the water. She shows her wet pussy as she starts spreading her pussylips in closeup in front

of the camera.

Once she uses her two fingers as she fingerfucks her tight hole with pleasure. You can hear her

starting to moan as she loves every stroke that she gets using her fingers. Afterward, this babe

decides to do it in a standing position. This is her first time doing that and we are lucky to witness

that moment. Her soaking wet body is on display she starts to finger her pussy in that position. You

gotta love how creative Shalina Devine is.

She lay down on the floor beside the bathtub as she wants to do it the ordinary way. She can

release her multiple orgasms with that as she immediately reveals her newest dildo on her

collection. That lucky dildo is treated like a real cock, thanks to her as she lubricates it with her

saliva. Watch Shalina Devine fuck that dildo as she can cum easily with that sex toy. You can hear

her cum thanks to her satisfying moans and her shivering body. Watch her lovely cunt in closeup as

the cameraman zooms it up.

Shalina isnt done yet and this time did it as fast as she can. This woman isnt contented with just

getting her single orgasm that is why she aggressively looking out for the second one and it turns

out to be a much explosive one. Getting kinky and all of that, Shalina Devine licks all her pussy

juices on her dildo as she cleans it up and will use the sex toy one last time that night. This time it is

a doggy position, one of her favorites. Hear her moans getting as loud as ever as she finally gets

her third orgasm, ending the day.

Such a creative, naughty girl this one is. Shalina Devine isnt shy showing off her alone time to her

fans. In fact, they would love to watch her in person as well. She loves sharing her blessing with the

others. This pinup also is a temptress as she loves the idea of the guys kinda left hanging out with

her teases. You can see at the end of the video how satisfied Shalina Devine is. She dips in at the

bathtub again and started to relax laying down at the bathtub full of water.

Shalina Devine
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